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Bitchin’ Eyeshadow by Bad Bitch Cosmetics

I found Bad Bitch Cosmetics through Etsy (I really do love that place, so many hidden gems!), it’s a two Bitch operation run by Regina and Laura who develop, mix, label, pack and post all the products they sell!!!!  I found this shop whilst looking for an eyeshadow primer on the cheap!  The primer is $5.50 (roughly £3.60), and is made of aloe vera, shea butter, witch hazel and essential oils mmmmmmmmm.  It’s really creamy and feels lovely on, very soothing for the eye area.  I’ll do an update on the primer once I’ve tried it as I’m going to a Smiths night next friday so plenty of dancing and giggling going on, an excellent opportunity to put it through its paces!

I’m afraid I did have an ickle giggle at the packaging as the label is like the BBC’s and kinda detracted from the Bad Bitch image but that’s prob because I’m a Brit and have grown up with good old Aunty!!! 🙂

Whilst nosing round the store I saw that they do 3 pots of mineral eyeshadow for $10.50 (roughly £6.88) and you could choose any of the colours available.  As I’ve been wanting to replace my old products I thought I’d give it a go!  I went for colours that would give a smokey eye as that is my favourite look at the moment and I have to say I’m impressed.

I apologise in advance for my red skin, not sure what happened, nothing to do with the cosmetics just my weird skin!  It doesn’t detract from the colour thankfully.

Finnick  – A gorgeous glittery Bluey gray silver colour which really sparkles.  The description on BBC says there’s also green undertones but I found this a little difficult to see, this may have been due to the light.  The picture shows the colour straight on skin and over primer.  This would make an amazing base for a smokey eye as well as a pretty, glittery eyeliner.  I can’t wait to try this on as it will go well with my blue/grey eyes.  This is from the Hunger Games Collection and is named after Finnick Odai from District 4 (apologies I’ve never seen it!) I love the quirkyness of this brand.

Black Swan – Now this is something else and the picture doesn’t do it justice at all!  It is such a black black, and I love black eyeshadow!!!  I’ve spent much of my makeup wearing life trying to find the perfect black shadow and this comes close.  It has so much sparkle in it even the girliest of girls surely couldn’t resist?!!  Again it is shown with and without primer and I have to say this is going to be tried on Friday night.  It is just so perfect for doing a smokey eye or  for lining and giving definition.  I am pretty sure flicks would look amazing in this colour, I just can’t wait to try it out!  This one is named after the character played by Natalie Portman in the film of the same name.

Hotaru – This is a really intense plum colour with overtones of blue and has a metallic and almost iridescent effect when applied over the primer.  This also going to be used on my night out next Friday as it’s so deep and intense and will make a really nice alternative colour for lining the eyes.  This is named after an anime character and is pretty kick-ass!

I really love these colours and I’m really pleased I went for the full sizes.  It’s so versatile that it can be used on nails and lips also.  I can’t believe i haven’t found mineral cosmetics before!  Bad Bitch is definitely going on my wish list and with the variety and intensity of their cosmetics means it’s going to appeal to everyone!


Blog Awards

I was very flattered recently to have been awarded the One Lovely Blog Award and Versatile Blogger Award by the lovely Mother Nature’s Snuggery, check out her site as she covers all sorts of yummy things and even includes recipes to make yourself.

It’s such an honour to be given this and a HUGE thank you to Mother Nature’s Snuggery as I’ve not been blogging for long and recognition from peers is such a flattering and important thing to get :)!

So here goes:


1. Nominate 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger award/ 8 Bloggers for the One Lovely Blog award – preferably ones who are relatively new to blogging. As there’s so many I’m going to break the rules slightly like my nominator did & give both awards to 10 bloggers! I’m also awarding to blogs that are new to me as well as those that are relatively new 2. Let them know that you have nominated them. 3. Share 7 random facts about yourself. 4. Thank the bloggers that have nominated you. 5. Add the Award picture to your blog post.

7 Random Facts About Me:

1.  I really miss living by the sea and walking up the pier

2.  I love old school looks like Pin Up, WW2, Hippy

3.  I got engaged on the drawbridge of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Disneyland Paris

4.  I am a terrible decorator!

5.  I’ve always regretted not taking up skateboarding

6. I believe you’re never too old for dolls!

7.  I’m not brilliant at remembering my beauty routine :S

Now for the nominations – drum roll please:

1: A Peach A Day

2: Blue-Eyed Bookworm

3: Skin Goodness

4: Anonymous Hedonist

5: Fashion Forward

6: Sleeping Bootay

7: Dandyzette

8: The Classy Anarchist

9: No Animals Harmed

10: Pink Moon Cafe

Enjoy and Congratulations 🙂

Blushing over Femme Fatale Cosmetics Blusher

I have finally managed to organise pictures to do this post! I’ve decided to do this over a couple as I went a little OTT with the samples, he he he. This first is going to cover the blushers as I ordered the samples of all the colours. As you can see there is a broad range that should suit all skin tones and tastes and they’re all OK for your eyes and lips as well, matching has never been so easy!

Femme Fatale Cosmetics is based in Brisbane, Australia and is an indi company making gorgeous hand blended mineral based cosmetics. they are still relatively young having started in September 2011. Their range is quirky and innovative and do not follow the norms. They love to play with colours and their eyeshadows, in particular, are a reflection of this (a review to come!). This review covers all 6 of the duochrome blushers on offer, unfortunately the pictures don’t do enough justice to the colours and the subtle undertones that they have. The descriptions and recommended skin tones are from the website and I have linked to each colour for more details on ingredients etc.

From Left to Right:

Aspect Vegan & Eye/Lip Safe
Description – Burnt orange duochrome blush with a hint of auburn.
Rec – Tanned or warm olive skin tones.
This really does have a gorgeous warm terracotta burnt orange colour. It reminds me of warm barmy spanish nights. It’s a very strong colour on the skin and if you have a lot of confidence and want to make your cheekbones really stand out it would also look amazing on fair skin!

Exotic Non Vegan & Eye/Lip Safe
Description – Bright cerise pink duochrome blush with a subtle blue shimmer and sparkles.
Rec – Fair skin tones
I lurrrvve this pink and am thinking of getting it for myself! It gives a real rosy cheek effect when worn lightly or can really emphasise an eighties look or killer cheek bones! There is a lovely blue shimmer running through this that I really like and this is definitely one I will probably look to order, it’s got real impact!! I was always scared of bright colours like this until a make up artist tried one on me and showed me they don’t have to look OTT, sometimes bright doesn’t mean silly. FFC does advise that this can emphasise skin imperfections because of the blue and recommends trying the tester first if you’re worried.

Fire Bloom Non Vegan & Eye/Lip Safe
Description – Mid tone rose-pink with coral undertones and a flattering copper gold shimmer
Rec – fair skin tones
This is another one I really like but unfortunately wouldn’t suit me because of the coral undertones. The copper gold really makes it sparkle and catches the light. Such a pretty feminine colour and would be ideal for everyday wear.

Tranquil Non Vegan & Eyes/Lip Safe
Description – Soft beige based coral blush with a hint of rose and subtle copper duochrome shine.
Rec – Fair skin tones

Another lovely shimmery colour, FFC really know how to make magical shimmery colours! This is a lovely blend of colours and I feel that it would work on darker skin tones too as a highlighter for killer cheek bones and to bring some sparkle and loveliness to the skin!! More an everyday colour for fair tones, though would make an excellent base for eye colour.

Rebel Vegan & Lip/Eye Safe
Description – Muted thulian pink duochrome blush with violet sparkles
Rec – Olive, fair and medium skin tones

When the light catches this you can really see the violet sparkles, so pretty. It has a real disco feel this blush and would look amazing on the dance floor!! This would also look stunning on lips for a real glam look.

Fierce Non Vegan and Eye/Lip Safe
Description – Deep maroon tinted duochrome blush, with subtle plume undertones, golden duochrome and sparkles
Rec – Darker skin tones

This is a lovely deep colour with a good pigment so you don’t need a lot to get a good effect. This would also make an excellent eye liner/shadow for an alternative smokey eye look! It’s sparkles will give your face a really healthy glow as well as being glam. Love it!!

I absolutely love these blushers and really wish the camera could pick out all the subtle undertones that they have. I know that the air miles are not great but the big manufacturers can’t guarantee that their products are made in the UK. Supporting indi companies like this is important as they are far clearer, open and honest about their methods, ingredients and ethos. They are also more often than not quirkier, more inventive and funky! Viva La Indi!!!!!!!

Things to come…

So I’ve got my samples through from Femme Fatale Cosmetics and I am so excited to review them.

The colours are lovely!! I’ve got both the blushers and some of the eyeshadows. There are so many though that I think I will have to do 2 posts. 🙂 Oh I love make up so much!!

I’ve also ordered some other eyeshadows from Purely Natural from Overall Beauty! For some reason I can’t upload the link at the mo but if you search for kmms on Etsy it’ll come up. I can’t wait to try these really natural coloured eyeshadows!!

I am also waiting on some eyeshadows and primer from Bad Bitch Cosmetics (another from Etsy!), they should be through any day now and I’ll do a review ASAP.

This blogging malarky is just sooooo boring 🙂

P.S I still have my supermarkets review to post, shopping really is fabulous!

Flattery is best served from Mother Natures Snuggery

I have to say that I am flattered, humbled and pretty much speechless!! When checking my emails earlier I saw I had a comment from a blogger I follow and who follows me. When I clicked to see what she’d said I found I’d been awarded 2 gongs (as they say:)).

Well, I had to get the other half to check I wasn’t seeing things, me, get recognition from a bonifide blogger who has a brilliant blog herself and has lots of people following her? No that doesn’t happen to me, but, yes, it did!!!! I’ve been bouncing off the walls ever since!!!

And who is this lovely person who has instilled in me much confidence to continue with my new fave past time??? It is the very lovely Mother Natures Snuggery!!!!

And what are the awards you say? The Versatile Blogger Award and One Lovely Blog Award!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Pop along and take a look as there are 9 others also nominated all of which have really good blogs and are relative newbies like me 🙂

More to follow…

For Goodness Grape !! – Bitten Lip Tint

This is my second attempt at writing this after my first review was lost in the WordPress ether 😦 sad as it was good and took me an hour! Hope I can do it justice this time round!!

I have totally fallen in love with this product!!! This is the Bitten Lip Tintx from For Goodness Grape.  A US based company I found on Etsy who sell lip tints/balms/gloss and scrubs, also solid and perfume oil.  The flavours include Oreo, Peach Coconut, Maple Bacon Donut and Chai Tea to name a few yum!!!!!!!

Etsy is a FAB place to find handmade goodies and is very good for finding Vegan, cruelty free products, the only downside is a vast majority of the shops are US based so not great for the old carbon footprint.

Lisa, who runs For Goodness Grape, was very helpful and the lip tint arrived incredibly quickly!  The packaging was so girly and it felt like I’d received a present 🙂 The lip tint is a lovely blood-red colour and comes in a Chapstick style tube. It doesn’t have any smell so good for those lovelies that don’t do well with perfume! Using it is easy and I’ve not even needed a mirror.  It leaves my lips with a lovely red splash of colour that feels like a lip balm and keeps my lips moisturised.  Unlike lip stains this doesn’t dry out my lips and wears evenly so no ring of colour round my lips.

This has such a lovely girly, romantic feel to it and is practical for every day use as well as a night out.  I went out with a girlfriend last week and wore it and only needed to re-apply a couple of times.  My lips felt lovely all night and the colour was just gorgeous.  The name is so apt as the colour really reminds me of pinched/bitten lips, similar to how women used to pinch their lips to bring the colour out in them.  It also has a bit of a gothy vampire feel and one of the reasons I bought this one was because the name reminded me of romantic vampire films and novels!  I will definitely be buying this again, in fact I’ll be placing an order for more products from For Goodness Grape very soon I love it that much!!!!  My only issue will be which colours/flavours to choose!!!!

R.I.P Barry M’s Cookie the Bunny :(

It has just been announced on Facebook that Barry M’s gorgeous bunny Cookie passed away last night.  You can find the statement here.  I’ve posted it below:

“It’s with great sadness that we announce the passing of Cookie the Barry M Bunny. Who died peacefully last night after a short illness. Our thoughts go out to Tara and John her owners who have cared for her so lovingly, to them and us she was so much more than just a pet. RIP Cookie xxx”

The bnnycam has been taken down on the website and replaced with the message above.  You can still access all the information and picturs of her though.

R.I.P Cookie, such a cute little rabbit and love to Tara and John XXXXX