Updating is hard to do

So, I am so excited about this whole blogging thing and thought I’d just write a quick note about what I’m hoping to do in the coming weeks.

As my skin is 35+ I will concentrate on products and cosmetics that will suit my skin more. I’ve struggled a bit to find women of a similar age doing this in the bloggosphere tho this may be because there are so many blogs it’s hard to find them. This is one of the reasons I started this, alongside my naivety when it came to animal testing.

I am currently have an absolutely amazing time searching the Internet for products to review and try. This is my idea of heaven and I only wish I could do this 24/7 but, family and work take priority (which is why this is being written way past my bedtime 🙂 ).

With the current trend towards entering the Chinese market it is sad to say that a number of companies are losing their Leaping Bunny status (the most recent I’ve seen is Urban Decay). This is due to the Chinese rules surrounding their right to test cosmetics on animals as they see fit. It doesn’t mean the products will definitely be tested but, as there’s no guarantees it means the cruelty free statuses of these companies are no longer trustworthy. What saddens me is the fact that I feel this is very much money led rather than “change from the inside” as UD claim. China is a growing economy and so there is a massive opportunity for companies to get in there and exploit the growing wealth of the middle classes and the obsession that some Chinese have with the west. But hey, I digress!

Back to the fun stuff! Well, as there seems to be this narrowing of the mainstream market regarding cruelty free I’ve been exploring online the small indie companies that are out there. I’ve even got some gorgeous eyeshadow’s coming from Aus to test, more to follow when they arrive 🙂

As I’m UK based I’m also looking for home grown products as I like to keep my airmiles down re co2. I’ve found a couple of lovely sites who do such nice looking stuff I will deff be trying them!

So I’m hoping to really get going in the next month or so and really bring some lovely stuff to this blog! It’s the most fun I’ve had in years.

Goodnight, sweet dreams and hugs xx


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