Tesco’s Beauty Cleansing, Toning and Scrubbing on a budget!

I did my shop at Tesco this week and as I was looking for some new Toner and Facial wash I thought I’d try their own brand range as, according to Uncaged they are not tested on animals.  Also their website states the following:

“Animal testing

Tesco brand non-food products are not tested on animals by us or our suppliers, nor on our behalf. As a five-star donor, Tesco contributes £10,000 a year to the Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experimentation (FRAME), which seeks to end animal testing.”

All seems pretty OK except they don’t practice a fixed cut off date so this puts me in a quandary.  They also have a reputation overseas of selling dubious products including Fois Gras (force-fed birds, see link!).  I’m not a big fan and I’m a little distrustful of all large companies as their marketing budgets are so big that they have the ability to distort the truth!

Any way, here’s the review.  You will need to make your own mind up as to how you feel about their ethical stance!

First up is Tesco Everyday Value Facial Wipes 45p for 25.  These made my face feel clean but that there was a lot of residual product left on my face.  It also had a pleasant fragrance.  Unfortunately these did not agree with my sensitive skin and I was unable to use them again.  But for 45p these are good value and removed my makeup really well.  Excellent for people on a tight budget though probably not great for every day use.

Next is Tesco Sensitive Facial Toner 80p for 150ml.  This is pretty good stuff for the price and didn’t have any colour or perfume in it and didn’t make my skin react badly either.  The downside is that the product remains on the skin and made it hard to mix my moisturiser in.  I overcame this by rinsing the toner off with water!  Excellent value for money and proves you can have a good skin care routine without paying too much.  You do have to remember that you get what you pay for so this is definitely not going to be as good as Clinique, Clarins et al!  This is also done in a cucumber flavour for those who don’t have sensitive skin like me which smelt lovely.

The Tesco Sensitive Cleansing Wipes 99p for 25 this also comes in cucumber as well.  These were also perfume and colour free and took my make up off well and didn’t react with my skin.  Again it did feel like my skin had product on it after using but again, I rinsed my face and this sorted the issue!

Finally Tesco Sensitive Skin Facial Wash £1.29 for 150ml  (also available in cucumber!).  This is a good scrub for the price and my skin felt clean after using it.  It was hard to wash off but I live in a soft water area so this didn’t help.  Again it was perfume and colour free and didn’t react with my skin.

Overall these are good products for their price and do the job.  If you’re on a budget or want no frills this is probably the range for you.  It doesn’t work that well for me so my search for the ultimate cleanse/tone/moisturise combo continues!


One thought on “Tesco’s Beauty Cleansing, Toning and Scrubbing on a budget!

  1. I tried Tescos cucumber cleansing wipes with vitamin E and found I was alergic to it. My face became red, itchy and covered in red bumps. I now can’t use any products on my face without it falring up again. I’m not alergic to any other products and dont’ have sensitive skin. I would say leave Tescos own brand range well alone.

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