To power walk and write or to not power walk and write…

So, I’m power walking to the station as I write this in the vain hope that I actually get there in time. Ooooooo a real multi tasking challenge! As is the norm in my house my little darlings were very uncooperative this morning and made me late. Really must get up earlier 🙂

Anyway, as I was walking down the hill I realised I should do an update of what is coming!! I can confirm that I now have the beautiful samples from Femme Fatale cosmetics and I will be doing a couple of reviews. I’ve decided to split it up as I ordered samples of all 6 blushers and loads of shadow. My only dilemma now is which ones I love so much that I want to get the full size. They are absolutely gorgeous and came super quick!!

If you’re trying to keep the carbon footprint down these are probably not for you as the company is in Australia but as it’s an indie and I want to promote and give it support. As far as cruelty free goes these are the ones to look for as their products tend to be cruelty free, vegetarian/vegan, they’re customer service is superior and they’re easy to get hold of for questions! Also they’re not likely to be owned by a dodgy company who do test, yes Body Shop & Burt’s Bees I mean you!!!

Urgh I missed the first train by a minute! Oh well more time for this. Also in the pipeline is the review of Tesco. They are not a company I would recommend as their policies are a little suspect and organisations like Animal Aid are campaigning about their practices abroad but they are cruelty free even if they’re not endorsed by the Leaping Bunny logo. I won’t do many Tesco reviews but as people will shop there in the UK I thought it only fair to be inclusive! I think I will also do a post on supermarkets and cruelty free products as my cousin said she struggled to find anything in Morrisons the other day!

I have also ordered some Bad Bitch Cosmetics that I can’t wait to try, they’re based in the USA so another carbon biggy but, they look FAB on their Etsy site and unfortunately I’m finding it hard to find indie companies in the UK that do cruelty free cosmetics! If anyone knows of any please, please let me know as I would love to try their stuff!

Got to go now as the ticket inspectors await and there’s always a squash to get through! Please let me know what you think, ideas, views and I’ll try to improve, expand and get more info! Xx


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