Flattery is best served from Mother Natures Snuggery

I have to say that I am flattered, humbled and pretty much speechless!! When checking my emails earlier I saw I had a comment from a blogger I follow and who follows me. When I clicked to see what she’d said I found I’d been awarded 2 gongs (as they say:)).

Well, I had to get the other half to check I wasn’t seeing things, me, get recognition from a bonifide blogger who has a brilliant blog herself and has lots of people following her? No that doesn’t happen to me, but, yes, it did!!!! I’ve been bouncing off the walls ever since!!!

And who is this lovely person who has instilled in me much confidence to continue with my new fave past time??? It is the very lovely Mother Natures Snuggery!!!!

And what are the awards you say? The Versatile Blogger Award and One Lovely Blog Award!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Pop along and take a look as there are 9 others also nominated all of which have really good blogs and are relative newbies like me 🙂

More to follow…


2 thoughts on “Flattery is best served from Mother Natures Snuggery

  1. Glad to have made your day! I’ve only been going since January and recently swapped from blogger to wordpress, so I’m feeling new again too 🙂 Keep going & looki forward to your posts!! ❤

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