Breaking things ain’t hard to do!!!

So after being without a laptop/PC for a couple of months (I spectacularly fell down the stairs with the laptop in my hands and threw it across the kitchen floor oooooopppppssssss!), I am finally (hopefully), getting a new PC this weekend, hurrah!

Once the new comp is here I will be back to more regular blogging and will be able to respond to the lovely SkinGoodness’ Beautiful Blogger nomination (thank you honey ☺).

I have a massive backlog of lovely cosmetics to review and post about and I’ve finally got some decent sponge applicators to swatch with (I used them for the MUA post I did recently), so I’m hoping the pics will get better too!

I am also hoping to finally finish my where to shop post. As there are a lot of lovely viewers from outside the UK I’m thinking of adding details of international shipping on posts, what do you think?

Here’s to new PC’s that I won’t drop down the stairs! ☺ xx


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