Bargainous Co-operative deodorant and toothpaste


This morning I popped into the co-op and found 2 bargains! Cruelty free toothpaste for 49p and deodorant for £1.49!!!! I haven’t tried them yet but im sure they’ll be great!

The co-op is one of the best shops for cruelty free as they were one of the first to be BUAV approved. Their fixes cut off date is 1985! You don’t get much more dedicated than that, check out their website here for more info on their ethos and what they offer!!!!

They have some amazing programmes in place to help the environment including their Bee Plan which is helping to increase the bee population in the UK with considerate farming and the expansion of wild flower meadows an hedgerows!

A company very close to my ❤!


2 thoughts on “Bargainous Co-operative deodorant and toothpaste

  1. It’s nice to know that there are companies out there that want to give something back to the environment and don’t test on animals, too bad there aren’t more of those. Always nice to see that there are other people who also care enough about animals to not buy cruelty filled products.

    • Hi, thanks! I am v passionate about animal testing, as I hate how much cosmetics companies twist their info etc. to make us feel they’re not testing! The co-op are great as all their own brand products are BUAV approved so I can buy toilet cleaner, baby wipes etc guilt free ☺

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