Sephora No Longer Cruelty Free

For my followers and any other’s who have access to Sephora own cosmetics I’m sorry to say they’ve entered china and are no longer cruelty free :(. I found this out through Logical Harmony’s recent post:

It’s getting unbearable seeing so many companies do this and saddens me greatly!

PETA is currently in talks with China to get non-animal testing approved and the first tests are due to be approved any day – see here, of course this is only one test but it is a start! Why can’t these companies actively help this? They are once again putting money before ethics!!!


14 thoughts on “Sephora No Longer Cruelty Free

  1. It’s sad that so many companies are going to China. Companies whose products I have bought because they were cruelty free are now taking “my” money to start testing on animals, I hate that. I don’t trust any of them anymore. Good thing that PETA keeps fighting for the animals.

  2. Once again, another company. However as long as we keep our foot firm, and act as a front we can turn this around! Keep inspiring with your blog! I nominated you for an award by the way, fits this message perfectly haha!

      • Hmmm this is a tricky one!!

        If a product is made in china it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s tested on animals as the Chinese laws are for brands going into the country and not exports.

        I’ve found their website but there’s no information about animal testing on there, this would normally imply they don’t have a policy but it’s worth emailing them to find out!

        You could also ask about ingredients as the make up will need to comply with US laws which I understand are very strict like here, in the UK.

        I hope this helps! X

      • Thanks again! I didn’t realize that the products actually made in China are not tested on animals. This is good to know. Ulta products do say “not tested on animals”. I will take your advice and e-mail them. Thanks again.

      • fyi…here is Ulta’s response: SO SO happy to hear this!!!
        Answering Your ULTA Guest Service Inquiry

        Discussion Thread
        Response Via Email (Susan S.) 01/18/2013 09:52 PM
        Dear Joanne,

        ULTA does not have any stores in China nor do we sell internationally. We sent you a response on January 15th. Please double check your spam / junk folder as it might be there.

        Thank you for being a fabulous ULTA Guest!

        Please do not hesitate to contact us further here at ULTA —your beauty destination!


        Susan S.
        ULTA Guest Services

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