Happy New Year!

Just a quick post!

In 3hrs & 3 mins it’ll be New Year here in the UK and I’ll probably be tucked up in bed after consuming some rather lovely pink bubbly!!!!!

To everyone out there in blogger land Happy New Year and I hope 2013 is a fantastic year for you all with lots of love, sparkles, glitz and glamour!

I’ll see you all in the new year

Natty xx ❤ xx


Lush Charity Pot … Charity Man Charity!

Got this last time I was in Lush it’s a cute little sample of their Charity Pot mosituriser. It’s recommended for hand and body but I’ve only used it on my hands so far. Unlike the Tiny Hands this is a lite liquid lotion and not a solid bar, it’s very liquid which is perfect for everyday use.

The fantastic thing about this is the whole of the price you pay goes into the Lush charity pot! They only take VAT nothing else! So you’re basically making a donation to charity and getting a present in return, hurrah!!!!!!!!!

Unlike other Lush products this isn’t as strong-smelling and absorbs very quickly into the skin. Because it’s light it’s not as heavy on the skin and is an excellent moisturiser for everyday use.  I found my hands were soft without being greasy and the absorption was good, especially as it takes longer now on my skin.  I used it during the day at work today and found that it didn’t get in the way too much of using the keyboard and mouse.

All in all this is a good moisturiser and, as it’s for charity is totally guilt free!!!!!!!