Happy New Year!

Just a quick post!

In 3hrs & 3 mins it’ll be New Year here in the UK and I’ll probably be tucked up in bed after consuming some rather lovely pink bubbly!!!!!

To everyone out there in blogger land Happy New Year and I hope 2013 is a fantastic year for you all with lots of love, sparkles, glitz and glamour!

I’ll see you all in the new year

Natty xx ❤ xx


Post Party Blues? Superdrug Sensitive Deep Cleaning Mask To The Rescue!


After a hiatus of 2 months I’m back and I’ve found a little treat for the morning after the night before!!!!

This little beauty is a lovely mild, creamy mud mask that will give your skin the pick me up you need after a night on the tiles!

It does leave the skin feeling slightly tight but a good moisturiser will soon alleviate this.

There is no real scent and my skin didn’t get blotchy or itchy! It felt lovely against my skin and dried well without pulling too much.

Overall this was lovely and my skin felt very smooth and clean. Definitely a must for the morning after the night before!

Hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you a FAB New Year!!!

All Shined Out


On Saturday night I did the Manchester Shine half marathon (13.l miles) walk for Cancer Research, as you can imagine I was pretty pooped on Sunday!!!! It was fantastic fun and there’s still time to enter the London event if you fancy it!

As a little treat to myself on Sunday and to try and wake myself up I thought I’d try the Exfoliating Ice Blast Gel Maskfrom Superdrug. It’s recommended for all skin types and has spearmint oil to really refresh!

The mask is a blue colour with very fine Dead Sea Salt Crystals to exfoliate. As the crystals are so fine it didn’t irritate my sensitive skin and I wasn’t too concerned I’d inadvertently over scrub! The instructions say to gently rub into a clean, cleansed, dry face and leave for 10-15 mins.

When I squeezed the mask onto my hand it didn’t hit me with a minty smell which disappointed me at first but once I put it on my face I was glad it hadn’t! The spearmint was lovely and subtle and really helped to open up my nose and airways, it was a bit like going into the Steam Room at the gym when they put menthol through. My skin didn’t feel cold with the mask on but once I washed it off my skin felt so fresh and the water drying on my face kept giving me a fresh boost, it was lovely 🙂

I really liked this mask and it really did make me feel less zombie more human afterwards! I highly recommend it as a pick-me-up after a night out or an event like Shine as it really does make you feel better and your skin feels lovely!

Below I include a rather fetching (not) picture of me at Shine, enjoy…


It’s so cool Cucumber Cooling Clay Mask


So after my wonderful facial at the spa break, that is now a distant memory, I thought I’d treat myself to some face masks to try and relive a little bit of that wonderful pampering!
As usual I went to old faithful Superdrug as a friend had told me their face masks were on offer. The masks are 99p each or 4 for the price of 3 at the moment!!!! The choice is really good and covers all skin types. As these are Superdrug’s own they are cruelty free endorsed by the BUAV!
I brought 4 but the one I tried tonight was the cucumber cooling clay mask which is “ideal for sensitive skin”. It’s easy to put on and is very creamy and thick, my hubby helped me get it out of the sachet so I had it all and there is more than enough to cover your face. It warmed up at first and then dried, my very funny (not) husband kept trying to make me laugh so it would crack ha ha! After 15 mins I washed it off and my skin felt beautiful, it felt soft, wasn’t dry and didn’t feel tight at all. I love this mask and am feeling like I will definitely add a face mask to my weekly routine, I ❤ my soft skin, this is FAB!!!!
Below is a rather fetching picture of me with it on! :s