Happy New Year!

Just a quick post!

In 3hrs & 3 mins it’ll be New Year here in the UK and I’ll probably be tucked up in bed after consuming some rather lovely pink bubbly!!!!!

To everyone out there in blogger land Happy New Year and I hope 2013 is a fantastic year for you all with lots of love, sparkles, glitz and glamour!

I’ll see you all in the new year

Natty xx ❤ xx


Lush Charity Pot … Charity Man Charity!

Got this last time I was in Lush it’s a cute little sample of their Charity Pot mosituriser. It’s recommended for hand and body but I’ve only used it on my hands so far. Unlike the Tiny Hands this is a lite liquid lotion and not a solid bar, it’s very liquid which is perfect for everyday use.

The fantastic thing about this is the whole of the price you pay goes into the Lush charity pot! They only take VAT nothing else! So you’re basically making a donation to charity and getting a present in return, hurrah!!!!!!!!!

Unlike other Lush products this isn’t as strong-smelling and absorbs very quickly into the skin. Because it’s light it’s not as heavy on the skin and is an excellent moisturiser for everyday use.  I found my hands were soft without being greasy and the absorption was good, especially as it takes longer now on my skin.  I used it during the day at work today and found that it didn’t get in the way too much of using the keyboard and mouse.

All in all this is a good moisturiser and, as it’s for charity is totally guilt free!!!!!!!

Lush Colour Supplements (Can’t curb that Lush addiction!)

Another post another review of a Lush product :S

This time I’m looking at their Colour Supplements product. This comes in a number of shades to suit most tones of skin, pink, brown, yellow. When I say tones I do not just mean ethnicity I mean the natural tone of all our skins. Mine has real pink tones and this has always meant problems when buying foundation as most seem to have brown/beige tones to them and I always end up looking very slightly orange. I sometimes think this is one of the reasons for so many orange women wandering round!

There are five colours in the collection which span a number of different tones and colours of skin. Each colour seems to be suitable for quite a broad spectrum of each particular skin tone/colour, i would highly recommend testing before buying! I’ve listed the different shades of the supplements below with the Lush description and a link to the specific product:

Dark Pink Colour Supplement “This supplement is designed for darker skin types that are of predominantly pink tones.”

Dark Yellow Colour Supplement “This supplement is designed for dark skin types of predominantly yellow or olive tones.”

Jackie Oates Colour Supplement “This is for fairer folk – like those with a typical English Rose complexion or those with ginger hair.”

Light Pink Colour Supplement “This supplement is designed for paler skin types of predominantly pink tones.”

Light Yellow Colour Supplement “This supplement is designed for paler skin types of predominantly yellow base tones.”

Again I went to the Manchester Arndale store for this and was helped by the lovely Alison. She was able to help me select which colour best suited my skin by using it on the inside of my forearm. I was a little surprised she tested there as the website suggests the jaw line as the best place but I was happy to go with her suggestion of the Light Pink Colour Supplement. Alison also showed me how to mix it with moisturiser and gave me good advice on use and coverage etc. considering this is a £7.95 product I was extremely impressed with the attention and help I got and Alison was more than happy to answer my questions.

I’m not one for foundations as I find they’re too heavy for my skin and annoy me so I’ve been using tinted moisturiser for some years. My most recent brand has been Clinique but, as they do not guarantee none of their products/ingredients are cruelty free I wanted a new one that suited my new strict ethos! The other problem I’ve had with Clinique since using the tinted moisturiser is it gives me a slight orange tanned look to my face and doesn’t blend in that well as a result, and that’s with a consultant testing the colours on me.

The first thing I noticed about this product was that it takes a bit of mixing into moisturiser, particularly if your moisturiser isn’t as thick. This doesn’t annoy though as it’s just something to get used to! I then applied it to my face with my fingers gently massaging into the skin. Once I’d applied this with the moisturiser I did find I needed to apply some more to get really good coverage and depth, I did this by just building it up until I was satisfied. As with most new makeup it’s just a case of practice makes perfect.

I was nervous at first as the Light Pink looked different to my old tinted moisturiser and I didn’t want to look too pale. This, though, was more about the change than anything else as once I’d put the rest of my make up on it looked fine and very natural. It felt very light on my skin and didn’t feel as though it was clogging my pours at all. I wore this for a full day at work in Manchester and when I got home it still felt nice and wasn’t driving me nuts like foundations sometimes do. I found it gave my face a dewy yet matt look and when I asked a friend what she thought she agreed. She also agreed that this colour was a better match for me than my old one.

All in all I love this product and would definitely recommend it. The fact it cost a third of my old tinted moisturiser and I reckon will last as long I am thinking this could be my new go to foundation!! The only disappointment is no SPF and as this is an important factor for me I will need to find a moisturiser that does the job instead.

This product is Vegan xx

Luscious Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Well, I couldn’t wait for my gorgeous stuff to come through from Aus and the US before trying something new so I took myself off to Lush for something!

I’d read about lip scrubs and thought, what the heck let’s give it a go!! So I had a look online at Lush (yes, it’s my go to shop!), and thought I’d try the Bubblegum scrub as a review said it smelt like the Christmas Snow Fairy line mmmmmmmmmmmm!

Yet again this is reasonably priced at £4.95 even though it is a small jar.  And to top it all off you lick it off! Double mmmmmm.

My first attempt at using this was a little bit of a disaster as I over scrubbed and for too long. My lips felt like they’d been in salt water air too long and were very upset with my overzealous scrubbing 😦 Oh well better luck next time! I also tried to take some photo’s which failed so will have to try harder!

Well, I tried again, a little more gently and for a shorter time and, voila! No soreness or sensitivity and I was able to apply balm afterwords. Absolutely lovely to use and, as with most Lush products a small amount goes a long, long way. I have naturally thin lips and my mouth is quite small so the amount I needed was tiny. I was also a bit more cautious about how much I used after the previous nights escapade! I found, though, that what I use was pretty much all I needed.

The lip scrub itself is sugary and sweet and tasted lovely, it is bubblegum pink and also smells of bubblegum. I have to say it does remind me of the Christmas Snow Fairy range with its look so if you’re in withdrawal this will give you a post crimbo fix. To apply the scrub I slowly massaged it into my lips like I would a lip balm when they’re dry or chapped. I was very gentle and when I felt it had done its job I did as instructed and licked it off yuuuummmmyyyyyy 🙂

The feeling I had after I’d used it was very similar to when I exfoliate, my lips felt clean but also a little tight, this, I put down, to the fact that I have dry skin that needs to be kept well moisturised.  It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling as I’m used to this when deep cleaning but it did mean I had to make sure my lips were well  moisturised afterwards.  I’d probably only use this once a week maybe a fortnight, if you have problem lips you may want to do it more often.  I think this is a trial and error product that you need to experiment with before deciding what works best.

All in all this is a gorgeous product as you would expect but would probably benefit from some more instructions as it was sore overdoing it, especially as I’ve never used one before.  It smells, looks and tastes amazing and I would buy again.  Yet another product from Lush which is very good value for money.

For product information please click here.  This is a Vegan product.

Lush – Tiny Hands hand cream

Oh Lush I Love You 🙂

The thing I love about walking into a Lush store is the wonderful aroma and the beautiful colours you immediately experience. It is a lovely hands on environment where there are always beautiful things to try, smell and look at. As I wandered round the store in the Manchester Arndale today there were face masks ready to try on your skin in the cutest display with fruit and other ingredients displayed alongside them.

The staff were wonderful and I was asked by all if I needed help, I was also served by a lovely girl (apologies I didn’t get her name tho I shall amend that next time I’m in there!), who was very engaging and helpful with my purchase.

The little things that really appeal to me are the attention to detail that the company and staff strive to achieve. Having descriptions with each product to help the customer make a choice, the made on dates and name of the creator are wonderful and really help in building a comfort in the freshness of the products. The availability of products to try, smell and look at is wonderful, I would have left the shop smelling of everything had I not controlled myself!!!!!!

Tiny Hands hand cream

As I wandered round the store the cute Tiny Hands hand cream caught my eye. I thought at first that it was baby soap until I looked closer. Being a mum of small children, one of which is still in nappies, I am a little obsessed with hand creams. So, when I saw this I knew I had to try it and with a price of £3.95 for a 60g bar I grabbed one and made straight for the till!! My experience of hand cream from Lush has always been a good one having used the Smitten in the past (this is only available on-line now), so I was confident that this would impress me.

This is a really funky hand cream, it looks like a soap and you rub it in the same way to help it melt. The great thing is, as you start to use the bar the perfume is released and you get this amazing hit whilst rubbing it into the skin. The instructions advise to concentrate on the areas which are prone to dryness and chapping, in my case this is the knuckle area. I dutifully followed the instructions and was surprised at how little I seemed to use to get a good coverage. As it is quite an oily consistency I was a little concerned that my hands would feel too greasy and it would make every day tasks difficult, fortunately this was not the case, though I think if too much was used that it would take some time to absorb. If you were able to sit and relax you could really give your hands a treat by getting lots on the hands and letting it absorb for a few hours, maybe slap it on before bed with gloves over for a real intense overnight treatment?

Still Going Strong!

An hour later my hands were still looking and feeling beautifully soft and conditioned. I really think I will probably stick with this cream as it seems to work so quickly! Even after washing my hands they were still soft and didn’t feel like I’d need to have to re-apply immediately.

There are a couple of down sides to this cream, the main one being that it doesn’t come in a tub so it needs to be kept somewhere out of the reach of curious children and dappy pets! A soap dish with a lid would probably suffice and this would also help any dust etc getting onto the bar. I also found it a little difficult to get the bar started, it was like trying to soap hands with dry hands and soap, but these are just small issues easily resolved! The perfume is quite strong so you really need to like it before you buy, this is pretty normal for Lush so if you love their stuff you’ll expect this!

12 Hours later and a considerable amount of hand cleaning my hands are still soft, this really absorbs well and is far superior to the expensive high-end stuff I’ve used in the past. For less than 4 quid this is amazing stuff and will last for some time, even with my battering of it.

For product information please click here! This is a Vegan product so animal friendly in all aspects! It even has fair trade shear butter from the Ojoba Collective! I love co-operative run businesses!!!!!!

All in all this is a lovely cream that will leave your hands beautifully smooth and soft, even if they are hard-working hands. For less than £4 this is also incredibly good value as it is sure to last a good while (I will update this with progress in a month or so!!!). If you have issues with perfume this is probably not for you, but then you probably wouldn’t use Lush if you have issues! I absolutely love this funky little bar from Lush and will definitely be replacing it when it runs out!!!!