Liz Earle Botanical Essence No100



It’s been a while but I’m back! Still no PC, this time due to our Wifi box being dead but, hey what can you do???

I thought I’d do a perfume review as I find it hard to find perfumes that are cruelty free. Especially ones that don’t smell cheap and nasty.

So I was really happy when I discovered Liz Earle and even happier when I discovered they’d opened a stand in the Manchester branch of Boots! The closest one before was John Lewis in the Trafford Centre and I’m no fan of the Trafford Centre at all.

Liz Earle is an Isle of Wight company who make all their products in the UK. If you check out the website you can see loads of information regarding their products. When I can get on a PC I’ll do an overview of the company as I love the fact they are UK based so bonus points on carbon etc. and that they are ethical.

The company does a monthly special for the face products and always includes free full size samples, something that I love the idea of as you can get a real feel for the product.

Liz Earle is currently available on QVC, Boots (check website as not all stores have a stand), John Lewis, online and there are a few stores dotted around the UK. The Liz Earle stores do spa treatments as well mmmmmmm cruelty free facial, ❤ it!

The perfume I’m trying is the new one called Botanical Essence No 100 which is £47 for a 50ml spray bottle. It has a beautiful summery smell which is strong but not too overpowering for me. The ylang ylang is what sells it to me as I love that but the combination of is just beautiful! The only downer is that my skin doesn’t seem to like one if the ingredients and gives it a weird secondary smell. I’m going to try it again and see what happens! That’s the problem with perfume, your skin can change the smell and so I would always recommend getting samples first (if you can!).


As the inlay on the sample card says it is like “walking into a florist” and being hit by all the smells inside! The combination of flowers and plants give this a lovely spring/summer feel and remind me of summer holidays.

This may well be too strong for some as it does linger like Angel does. So if you like the lighter fragrance this may not be for you.

I absolutely love this fragrance and, if further tries work and I don’t get the strange side smell, will definitely be adding it to my collection ☺

I’ll be doing another review of their products in the next couple of days once I’ve used them for a week. Xx


Happy New Year!

Just a quick post!

In 3hrs & 3 mins it’ll be New Year here in the UK and I’ll probably be tucked up in bed after consuming some rather lovely pink bubbly!!!!!

To everyone out there in blogger land Happy New Year and I hope 2013 is a fantastic year for you all with lots of love, sparkles, glitz and glamour!

I’ll see you all in the new year

Natty xx ❤ xx

Yes You Can Be Cruelty Free On A Budget!!!

So, you can’t have missed the fact that we are in a pretty grim recession at the mo and in the little old UK we’re in what is comically called a ‘double dip’ recession, I have to say that there is nothing funny about a recession and giving it a fancy name doesn’t help those who are struggling!
Anyway, as times are grim and most of us are on very tight budgets I thought I’d do some top tips on being cruelty free on a budget, because yes, you can be cruelty free even when money is tight! So here, in no particular order is my list of top tips for feeling wonderful even when life is throwing you a curve ball!!

1. Work out how much you can afford to spend This might seem obvious but it is important to know how much you have so you can decide what price range you can look at.
2. Decide what products you use and how often This may seem like a faff but it’s worth doing as you may find that the products you use less often last a lot longer and don’t need to be purchased as regularly. This means you may be able to get the nicer product as you can budget for when you run out! It will also give you an idea of when you’re more expensive months may be.
3. Shop around Check out the Internet and the high street shops. Look for offers, some brands/shops are predictable about when they do offers so you can bulk buy around them! I quite often buy a few months worth of something when it’s on buy one get one free as bottled lotions etc have really long shelf lives!!!!
4. Try before you buy! A lot of companies will let you buy samples of their products, this is a great way of making sure a product suits you as there is nothing more frustrating than realising when you get a moisturiser etc that you’re allergic or it gives you an outbreak out of spots!!!
5. The Internet is your friend Research, research and research some more! The Internet is the place for bargains, you can check what your local store has on offer before you go, you can shop around for your favourite products and you can look for new products. The Internet highway is the place to hunt out your bargains and you can do it from the comfort of your own home!
6. Cut the top off that tube!!! So you think that tube of hand cream is empty??? Well think again! If you carefully cut the top off you will find lots of product left in there, if it’s a squeezy tube I tend to cut it do I can still push it back over the bottom, otherwise mark a lid out of foil or something similar. Just keep an eye on the product to make sure it doesn’t “go off”! I’ve had tubes last an extra week doing this so it’s well worth a try!
7. Don’t use too much This is obvious I know but it’s worth checking you’re using the right amount as it’s a waste otherwise and we don’t like waste when budgeting 😊
8. Use BUAV etc sites These will give you details of which product ranges are cruelty free and will often include links to websites.
9. Go to your local farmers market if you have one near you use it, there are often local farmers / residents selling natural beauty products at reasonable prices and the person who made it is there to answer all your questions!
10. Have fun! Don’t get too hung up on price there are loads of companies out there doing cruelty free beauty products at great prices and they’re fun to discover!!!!

Budgeting is a pain but worth it and just think what there is out there to discover if you’re looking for new, fab treats!

It’s so cool Cucumber Cooling Clay Mask


So after my wonderful facial at the spa break, that is now a distant memory, I thought I’d treat myself to some face masks to try and relive a little bit of that wonderful pampering!
As usual I went to old faithful Superdrug as a friend had told me their face masks were on offer. The masks are 99p each or 4 for the price of 3 at the moment!!!! The choice is really good and covers all skin types. As these are Superdrug’s own they are cruelty free endorsed by the BUAV!
I brought 4 but the one I tried tonight was the cucumber cooling clay mask which is “ideal for sensitive skin”. It’s easy to put on and is very creamy and thick, my hubby helped me get it out of the sachet so I had it all and there is more than enough to cover your face. It warmed up at first and then dried, my very funny (not) husband kept trying to make me laugh so it would crack ha ha! After 15 mins I washed it off and my skin felt beautiful, it felt soft, wasn’t dry and didn’t feel tight at all. I love this mask and am feeling like I will definitely add a face mask to my weekly routine, I ❤ my soft skin, this is FAB!!!!
Below is a rather fetching picture of me with it on! :s


I Got a Natural High – Gentle Exfoliating Face Scrub by Superdrug

Whilst indulging in a new MUA eyeshadow I also came across this little beauty in Superdrug.  It’s £2.49 at the mo which is half price… come on!!!!  And not only is it cruelty free it’s also Vegetarian aaannnnddddd VEGAN!  Hurrah!!!!  The link to it is here.

The scrub has organic Apricot Kernel Oil, for Vit B, and softening, Apricot Seed and Walnut Shell which is the exfoliator and Sweet Almond Oil which is a fantastic moisturiser and skin softener.  It really does sound good enough to eat, tho don’t it’ll taste pretty grim :S

I used this in the shower earlier and it was really good.  It is very sweet-smelling, which could be a little overpowering for some but I liked, and it’s lovely and thick.  It was easy to massage into my face and the seeds/shells weren’t too harsh on my sensitive skin.  I would suggest caution, as with all exfoliating scrubs, as overzealous scrubbing of even the most gentle of these on the face could lead to very sore skin and red patches!  The scrub rinsed off easily and left my face with that really clean, tight feeling.  I followed it with a gentle soap and really felt like all the build up from the day/week was gone!  Lovely!!!!

Another word of caution, steer clear if you have any nut allergies!

This is not a product that I’d recommend using every day, once a week should be enough, unless you’re doing a lot of gruelling tasks that leave you with a build up of yuck on your face!  Over exfoliating can lead to break outs, soreness, sensitivity and unbalanced skin so don’t go too mad 🙂

This is definitely going to have a place in my bathroom, even at full price it’s a bargain and will last for agessssssssssssssss!

Superdrug is definitely on my ‘Love Love Love’ list as a top place to shop, dirt cheap and cruelty free, amazing!

Bitchin’ Eyeshadow by Bad Bitch Cosmetics

I found Bad Bitch Cosmetics through Etsy (I really do love that place, so many hidden gems!), it’s a two Bitch operation run by Regina and Laura who develop, mix, label, pack and post all the products they sell!!!!  I found this shop whilst looking for an eyeshadow primer on the cheap!  The primer is $5.50 (roughly £3.60), and is made of aloe vera, shea butter, witch hazel and essential oils mmmmmmmmm.  It’s really creamy and feels lovely on, very soothing for the eye area.  I’ll do an update on the primer once I’ve tried it as I’m going to a Smiths night next friday so plenty of dancing and giggling going on, an excellent opportunity to put it through its paces!

I’m afraid I did have an ickle giggle at the packaging as the label is like the BBC’s and kinda detracted from the Bad Bitch image but that’s prob because I’m a Brit and have grown up with good old Aunty!!! 🙂

Whilst nosing round the store I saw that they do 3 pots of mineral eyeshadow for $10.50 (roughly £6.88) and you could choose any of the colours available.  As I’ve been wanting to replace my old products I thought I’d give it a go!  I went for colours that would give a smokey eye as that is my favourite look at the moment and I have to say I’m impressed.

I apologise in advance for my red skin, not sure what happened, nothing to do with the cosmetics just my weird skin!  It doesn’t detract from the colour thankfully.

Finnick  – A gorgeous glittery Bluey gray silver colour which really sparkles.  The description on BBC says there’s also green undertones but I found this a little difficult to see, this may have been due to the light.  The picture shows the colour straight on skin and over primer.  This would make an amazing base for a smokey eye as well as a pretty, glittery eyeliner.  I can’t wait to try this on as it will go well with my blue/grey eyes.  This is from the Hunger Games Collection and is named after Finnick Odai from District 4 (apologies I’ve never seen it!) I love the quirkyness of this brand.

Black Swan – Now this is something else and the picture doesn’t do it justice at all!  It is such a black black, and I love black eyeshadow!!!  I’ve spent much of my makeup wearing life trying to find the perfect black shadow and this comes close.  It has so much sparkle in it even the girliest of girls surely couldn’t resist?!!  Again it is shown with and without primer and I have to say this is going to be tried on Friday night.  It is just so perfect for doing a smokey eye or  for lining and giving definition.  I am pretty sure flicks would look amazing in this colour, I just can’t wait to try it out!  This one is named after the character played by Natalie Portman in the film of the same name.

Hotaru – This is a really intense plum colour with overtones of blue and has a metallic and almost iridescent effect when applied over the primer.  This also going to be used on my night out next Friday as it’s so deep and intense and will make a really nice alternative colour for lining the eyes.  This is named after an anime character and is pretty kick-ass!

I really love these colours and I’m really pleased I went for the full sizes.  It’s so versatile that it can be used on nails and lips also.  I can’t believe i haven’t found mineral cosmetics before!  Bad Bitch is definitely going on my wish list and with the variety and intensity of their cosmetics means it’s going to appeal to everyone!

Flattery is best served from Mother Natures Snuggery

I have to say that I am flattered, humbled and pretty much speechless!! When checking my emails earlier I saw I had a comment from a blogger I follow and who follows me. When I clicked to see what she’d said I found I’d been awarded 2 gongs (as they say:)).

Well, I had to get the other half to check I wasn’t seeing things, me, get recognition from a bonifide blogger who has a brilliant blog herself and has lots of people following her? No that doesn’t happen to me, but, yes, it did!!!! I’ve been bouncing off the walls ever since!!!

And who is this lovely person who has instilled in me much confidence to continue with my new fave past time??? It is the very lovely Mother Natures Snuggery!!!!

And what are the awards you say? The Versatile Blogger Award and One Lovely Blog Award!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Pop along and take a look as there are 9 others also nominated all of which have really good blogs and are relative newbies like me 🙂

More to follow…