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R.I.P Barry M’s Cookie the Bunny :(

It has just been announced on Facebook that Barry M’s gorgeous bunny Cookie passed away last night.  You can find the statement here.  I’ve posted it below:

“It’s with great sadness that we announce the passing of Cookie the Barry M Bunny. Who died peacefully last night after a short illness. Our thoughts go out to Tara and John her owners who have cared for her so lovingly, to them and us she was so much more than just a pet. RIP Cookie xxx”

The bnnycam has been taken down on the website and replaced with the message above.  You can still access all the information and picturs of her though.

R.I.P Cookie, such a cute little rabbit and love to Tara and John XXXXX


Barry M Rocks \m/

Ok, so this is a quick update as I’ve just been to Superdrug and Barry M have an offer on!!!! Yay love a freebie???? Well as it’s Barry M’s 30th birthday (happy birthday Barry M) they’re doing a nail varnish give away!!! Spend £6 or more and get one of 3 nail varnishes, the choices are red, blue or pink. Typically they’re bright as you’d expect from this brand and I got the pink one, see the piccy below. I have been in love with Barry M since I was a teenager as they were the only brand doing black nail varnish at the time, over the years I’ve brought ridiculous amounts of their stuff and I’m really pleased you can now get it in most stores like Superdrug and Boots.

I treated myself to a lip gloss, £4.49, and Glitter Lashes, £4.99, to get this promotion. The Glitter Lashes are a lovely pink colour and you apply to the ends of your lashes with the brush to make them and your eyes sparkle. I’m of to see Starlight Express on Thursday so I’ll do an update of how I went with it after.

The lip gloss is gorgeous it’s a peachy brown colour and if you hold it up to the light it has glitter flecks running through it. It’s lovely and creamy on and smells chocolately and delicious! It goes on really easy and isn’t sticky and gloopy like some lip glosses and the wand is much easier to use than a brush. I’ll update tonight about how long it lasts. I absolutely love this and will definitely be buying it again!!

Update! – I’ve been wearing the lip gloss for about 4 hours now and it is lovely.  I’ve had to re-apply a couple of times but not as much as I thought and I have a habit of applying a lot anyway!  It’s lovely on and has a shimmery effect on the lips, if I can get a decent photo I’ll pop it on here!

The nail varnish is typical Barry M and really pink with a lovely pearlescent sheen running through, again I haven’t tried on it yet as I’ve only just bought it. I’ll do an update when I do!

Happy shopping and let me know if you get any of the nail varnishes!!!!