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Crimbo Haul


I was a very lucky girl this year as Mr Love Beauty Not Cruelty got me all this MUA stuff for crimbo!

I’ve been poop, to say the least, at updating my blog so I thought I’d do a quicky on MUA Cosmetics.

The company has expanded enormously in the last 6 months and my crimbo haul reflects this, here is a list of the best of the expansion which doesn’t seem to be stopping!

1. Brushes – For me this is a biggy as I’ve been able to get cheap brushes and try them out to see if they work for me! I have about 5 now and they really are good considering the most expensive brush they do is £5 (kabuki) and the average is £1.95 or £3! They’re synthetic but hey, if all you want is an idea of wether a brush will work for you or not they’re spot on and they work alright too!

2. Pro Base Face Range – Fantastic range of palettes to highlight, brighten, conceal and generally sort out all those weird and wonderful facial imperfections (I personally think they’re our quirks!), we ladies love to cover up. Price range £2.50 – £6 and there’s a fixing mist also!!

3. Nail Constellations – Little, tiny, balls of magic that you put on your nail varnish to create a mental “hundreds and thousands” affect! These are brilliant and they even have a video demonstration on the site to show you how to do them, go on give it a whirl!!! The price of these cosmic balls? 2 of our English pounds!

4. Fur-Effect Nails – Meow! Furry nails, weird right? But in a good way, really fun way of standing out and according to MUA’s Facebook page very popular with the beauty editors they tried them out on. The next big thing??????

This is just a small example of the stuff MUA are doing at the mo and more stuff is being added every day. Check out their Facebook page for all the new products that are being released. They’re very good at keeping fans up to date and do some amazing offers including massive discounts and loads of free stuff!

I predict big things to come from this company and they ship internationally!! Go have a little sneaky peek and become obsessed like me ☺



Vintage Vixen with MUA prt 1 – It’s All About the Lips Baby!!!


I’ve been in love with Vintage and eccentric clothing and looks since I was young. My Dad was a sailor and I used to wear one of his cast off uniform jackets everywhere, I loved that jacket sooooo much! I loved old clothes and unusual clothes and much of my shopping was, and still is, done off the high street in second hand shops and army surplus stores!

Recently vintage has become very trendy and the pinup girl / rockabilly look in particular is very popular! As I tend towards that sort of look I thought I’d do a couple of posts on achieving it with my favourite budget brand MUA.

This first post is all about the lips. I ❤ lipstick so much and to really achieve that vixen look it’s gotta be red every time! This can be a very difficult colour to wear so here are my 3 top tips for getting it right:

1. Use a lip liner! This will help to stop the lipstick from bleeding and will also help you to get it right (believe me it helps :))

2. Use a lip brush! This will help you to get definition and make application easier. I find it almost impossible to apply red lipstick without a brush (too clumsy!)

3. Blot, Blot, Blot! This may sound obvious but it is essential with dark lipsticks to help them stay put. It’s also a good idea to blot between layers if you’re going for a really deep colour.

First up is lip liner, MUA do a brilliant one called Red Drama which, if blended in will go with all red lipsticks (I used it in the picture above). To top it off this has a sharpener in the lid!


MUA do 2 amazing lipsticks, both work well with the lip liner and both have an amazing vintage look about them.




Shade 1 & Shade 13

To achieve the perfect pout follow these steps:

1. Line your lips to get the shape you desire. Top tip make sure the liner is sharp as definition is easier to achieve! If you want you can use this as a base for your lipstick and fill your lips in with it!

2. Carefully fill in the lips remembering to make sure the liner is blended well. It looks very odd when the liner is obvious! If you can get hold of a lip brush that has a lid this is best as you can take it with you for touch ups. I have one which uses the lid to push the brush into so it’s full length when you use it, very handy!

3. Blot and refill you lips, I normally do this once or twice but it’s entirely up to you what your preference is here. Make sure to keep some tissue in your purse for touch ups later.

Simples as the dodgy meerkat says ☺

These are beautiful shades of red and will set off any outfit but particularly a pretty swing/Audrey Hepburn dress!

They fulfil any Vixen’s need to look drop dead gorgeous with a killer pout and I wear them regularly. They really do have staying power and I’ve only needed to reapply a couple of times during a night out depending on how much I drink etc. For £1 each they’re bargainous!

Next time Vixen Eyes!

Nat x

Yes You Can Be Cruelty Free On A Budget!!!

So, you can’t have missed the fact that we are in a pretty grim recession at the mo and in the little old UK we’re in what is comically called a ‘double dip’ recession, I have to say that there is nothing funny about a recession and giving it a fancy name doesn’t help those who are struggling!
Anyway, as times are grim and most of us are on very tight budgets I thought I’d do some top tips on being cruelty free on a budget, because yes, you can be cruelty free even when money is tight! So here, in no particular order is my list of top tips for feeling wonderful even when life is throwing you a curve ball!!

1. Work out how much you can afford to spend This might seem obvious but it is important to know how much you have so you can decide what price range you can look at.
2. Decide what products you use and how often This may seem like a faff but it’s worth doing as you may find that the products you use less often last a lot longer and don’t need to be purchased as regularly. This means you may be able to get the nicer product as you can budget for when you run out! It will also give you an idea of when you’re more expensive months may be.
3. Shop around Check out the Internet and the high street shops. Look for offers, some brands/shops are predictable about when they do offers so you can bulk buy around them! I quite often buy a few months worth of something when it’s on buy one get one free as bottled lotions etc have really long shelf lives!!!!
4. Try before you buy! A lot of companies will let you buy samples of their products, this is a great way of making sure a product suits you as there is nothing more frustrating than realising when you get a moisturiser etc that you’re allergic or it gives you an outbreak out of spots!!!
5. The Internet is your friend Research, research and research some more! The Internet is the place for bargains, you can check what your local store has on offer before you go, you can shop around for your favourite products and you can look for new products. The Internet highway is the place to hunt out your bargains and you can do it from the comfort of your own home!
6. Cut the top off that tube!!! So you think that tube of hand cream is empty??? Well think again! If you carefully cut the top off you will find lots of product left in there, if it’s a squeezy tube I tend to cut it do I can still push it back over the bottom, otherwise mark a lid out of foil or something similar. Just keep an eye on the product to make sure it doesn’t “go off”! I’ve had tubes last an extra week doing this so it’s well worth a try!
7. Don’t use too much This is obvious I know but it’s worth checking you’re using the right amount as it’s a waste otherwise and we don’t like waste when budgeting 😊
8. Use BUAV etc sites These will give you details of which product ranges are cruelty free and will often include links to websites.
9. Go to your local farmers market if you have one near you use it, there are often local farmers / residents selling natural beauty products at reasonable prices and the person who made it is there to answer all your questions!
10. Have fun! Don’t get too hung up on price there are loads of companies out there doing cruelty free beauty products at great prices and they’re fun to discover!!!!

Budgeting is a pain but worth it and just think what there is out there to discover if you’re looking for new, fab treats!

MUA Rocks \m/ No 9 Pearl Eyeshadow Single


As I write this I am sitting looking out of the window of the Palacel Hotel in Buxton (UK) having a Spa Break with a very good friend!  After 2 days of pampering and relaxation I am in heaven!  Whilst here we had a wander into this historic town and I picked up yet another MUA product, I have so many now I will be able to blog for about a month!!

This shade is no9 and is a pearlescent eyeshadow.  It is a rich purple colour with undertones of blue and pink.  The pictures do not do it any justice but it is amazing and, as with all MUA, products it has a high pigment so a little goes a long, long way!  I can see why make up artists rate these products and love them.  It is easy to apply and looks amazing, I reckon this would suit most skin types though you may want to tone it down on really pale skin.  It gives smokey eyes an amazing sheen and can tone down the black if you find it a bit too much for your eyes.  It’s a FAB rocky colour that would look amazing when bouncing round clubs/gigs or living it up at Tribal et al.

Yet another Gold Star for MUA as this cost £1, yes a nugget!!!  I am totally in love with MUA and will be doing a lot of adding to my collection.  The amazing colours that go from understated to vibrant are amazing and you can get everything from Bronzer to Primer from them for under £5!

Check out their website here, they are also exclusively available at Superdrug online and instore.  If you go to the MUA website there is a list of the Superdrug stores that stock them.

MUA Budget ,Cruelty Free and FAB

Well, after yesterday’s little rant I managed to find a budget make up brand courtesy of Betty Bee Towers, I ❤ this blog, she is so beautiful and fabulous!!!

Betty was reviewing MUA Makeup Academy’s Undressed Pallette which had cost her £4! Yep you read it right 4 of our British pounds!!!! Well this peeked my curiosity as I just couldn’t believe something so cheap could be cruelty free! So I went over to their site and found this confirming they’re cruelty free and full lists of ingredients!!! Hurrah I love the openness and honesty already! To top it all off they’re not just on line they’re also exclusively sold through Superdrug!!!! Hurrah, they also have a list on the MUA website of the Superdrug stores that stock the range! You can find a link to it here.

This range is extensive with most products being between £1-£4, there is one eye shadow pallet that is £8 but there are 24 shades to choose from!!!! The choice is fantastic and the colours are great. I’m going to be heading down to Superdrug to get some ASAP! What a find, even though it’s been out for a bit I’ve always assumed it wouldn’t be cruelty free so I can’t wait to try this!

Faith is restored in the high street once again 😊

Shopping can be hard to do!!!

I’m having a vent today as I really feel it can be hard to shop cruelty free with the mind field of mis-information and lack of information out there!

I am very lucky that I live in the Manchester area so I have a lot more choice than most but even so I can walk into a shop and not find anything on the shelves that is cruelty free. I went shopping to my local Morrisons the other day and not one lotion or potion in the entire beauty aisle was cruelty free, now that was depressing!

Even in Boots it can be an absolute mindfield finding cruelty free products especially as their own brand stuff isn’t. What are we coming to when we have to hunt through all the big brands to find something that isn’t cruelly tested on animals?

This is the 21st century, the advancements in science are amazing and the need to test cosmetics on animals is now unnecessary, so why do we continue to do it? One of the reasons is the chemicals used in some cosmetics are also used in other products (surgical procedures etc), and are controlled by different laws (though I personally believe this could surely be done in a humane way). Then there is the Importing laws, in China, for example, you have to agree to them testing your product on animals even though it may not happen. Neither of these are right and with the advancements in science are unnecessary!

I am finding myself more and more trawling the Internet to find products that are cruelty free. Not only are a lot of high street available products difficult to find they tend to be expensive!! Sainsburys and Co-op are good “go to” guys but sometimes you want something that’s not full of crap! Also, you are limited to what your store carries if you have one near you at all!

For me the Internet is definitely the best place to find affordable, natural products that will suit any budget. You will quite often find shops selling samples so you can make sure that you have the best product for your skin/hair/body type. The sellers are quite often independent so the experience is far more personal and they are able to give advice and help regarding product suitability. There is also far more transparency with ingredients and you can make choices about demographics if you’re wanting to keep your carbon footprint at a minimum.

I know it’s not great to berate the high street but I just feel there isn’t enough choice and when the old staples of Body Shop are a no no because of its parent company it really does get very tricky!!!! If you can approach a company for information and you can get samples without funny “are you free loading?” looks then the indi’s are definitely the ones to go for and, unfortunately, they’ve been pushed onto the web by the high street costs and big names! If only boutiques would make a real come back .

Happy hunting my animal loving beauties, here endeth the rant 😊

Urban Decay Turn Around Like a Record Baby Round Round Right Round

Good news for all Urban Decay fans!

They’ve decided not to sell in China and as such have been re-Certified by the CCIC Leaping Bunny programme.  To see the full statement click here.

This is fantastic news and a great example of the power of consumers, as, this wouldn’t have happened if  there hadn’t been such a massive outpouring from the people who buy UD products and so much coverage across the Internet!  If we can have such an impact on a company who are already cruelty free I wonder what we could do to those who are not…

Personally, the fact they threatened to do it in the first place and were so happy to compromise their morals still sits badly with me and I’m not sure I can forgive, but, it is up to you beautiful people as I would never presume to tell you what to do 🙂