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All Shined Out


On Saturday night I did the Manchester Shine half marathon (13.l miles) walk for Cancer Research, as you can imagine I was pretty pooped on Sunday!!!! It was fantastic fun and there’s still time to enter the London event if you fancy it!

As a little treat to myself on Sunday and to try and wake myself up I thought I’d try the Exfoliating Ice Blast Gel Maskfrom Superdrug. It’s recommended for all skin types and has spearmint oil to really refresh!

The mask is a blue colour with very fine Dead Sea Salt Crystals to exfoliate. As the crystals are so fine it didn’t irritate my sensitive skin and I wasn’t too concerned I’d inadvertently over scrub! The instructions say to gently rub into a clean, cleansed, dry face and leave for 10-15 mins.

When I squeezed the mask onto my hand it didn’t hit me with a minty smell which disappointed me at first but once I put it on my face I was glad it hadn’t! The spearmint was lovely and subtle and really helped to open up my nose and airways, it was a bit like going into the Steam Room at the gym when they put menthol through. My skin didn’t feel cold with the mask on but once I washed it off my skin felt so fresh and the water drying on my face kept giving me a fresh boost, it was lovely 🙂

I really liked this mask and it really did make me feel less zombie more human afterwards! I highly recommend it as a pick-me-up after a night out or an event like Shine as it really does make you feel better and your skin feels lovely!

Below I include a rather fetching (not) picture of me at Shine, enjoy…