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Shopping can be hard to do!!!

I’m having a vent today as I really feel it can be hard to shop cruelty free with the mind field of mis-information and lack of information out there!

I am very lucky that I live in the Manchester area so I have a lot more choice than most but even so I can walk into a shop and not find anything on the shelves that is cruelty free. I went shopping to my local Morrisons the other day and not one lotion or potion in the entire beauty aisle was cruelty free, now that was depressing!

Even in Boots it can be an absolute mindfield finding cruelty free products especially as their own brand stuff isn’t. What are we coming to when we have to hunt through all the big brands to find something that isn’t cruelly tested on animals?

This is the 21st century, the advancements in science are amazing and the need to test cosmetics on animals is now unnecessary, so why do we continue to do it? One of the reasons is the chemicals used in some cosmetics are also used in other products (surgical procedures etc), and are controlled by different laws (though I personally believe this could surely be done in a humane way). Then there is the Importing laws, in China, for example, you have to agree to them testing your product on animals even though it may not happen. Neither of these are right and with the advancements in science are unnecessary!

I am finding myself more and more trawling the Internet to find products that are cruelty free. Not only are a lot of high street available products difficult to find they tend to be expensive!! Sainsburys and Co-op are good “go to” guys but sometimes you want something that’s not full of crap! Also, you are limited to what your store carries if you have one near you at all!

For me the Internet is definitely the best place to find affordable, natural products that will suit any budget. You will quite often find shops selling samples so you can make sure that you have the best product for your skin/hair/body type. The sellers are quite often independent so the experience is far more personal and they are able to give advice and help regarding product suitability. There is also far more transparency with ingredients and you can make choices about demographics if you’re wanting to keep your carbon footprint at a minimum.

I know it’s not great to berate the high street but I just feel there isn’t enough choice and when the old staples of Body Shop are a no no because of its parent company it really does get very tricky!!!! If you can approach a company for information and you can get samples without funny “are you free loading?” looks then the indi’s are definitely the ones to go for and, unfortunately, they’ve been pushed onto the web by the high street costs and big names! If only boutiques would make a real come back .

Happy hunting my animal loving beauties, here endeth the rant 😊