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Urban Decay Turn Around Like a Record Baby Round Round Right Round

Good news for all Urban Decay fans!

They’ve decided not to sell in China and as such have been re-Certified by the CCIC Leaping Bunny programme.  To see the full statement click here.

This is fantastic news and a great example of the power of consumers, as, this wouldn’t have happened if  there hadn’t been such a massive outpouring from the people who buy UD products and so much coverage across the Internet!  If we can have such an impact on a company who are already cruelty free I wonder what we could do to those who are not…

Personally, the fact they threatened to do it in the first place and were so happy to compromise their morals still sits badly with me and I’m not sure I can forgive, but, it is up to you beautiful people as I would never presume to tell you what to do 🙂


Leaping Bunny & Urban Decay


Just a quick note as I have the web address for the Leaping Bunny statement about Urban Decay losing their certification, click here.

An article by PETA (US) is here.

And, finally, My Beauty Bunny posted the full Urban Decay statement before it was taken down, you can find it here.

I know I’ve stated I’m not here to preach but this is an interesting situation as UD have been cruelty free from the start and this has been an important part of their marketing!

Any who it’s for you to decide where you stand and whether this is of interest, enjoy 🙂

Peace & Love XX